2008-04-18 · "The reification of race" I was a bit taken aback - I've only used 'reification' in the comp-sci meaning of the word - to take an abstract concept and make it into a data model. Which surely isn't what you're meaning here.


Reification has a well-known equivalent in natural language, nominalization, which basically consists in turning a verb into a noun. Reification is widely used in conceptual modeling; conceptual modelers must therefore have a good grasp of it. In Sect. 6.1, we define reification and explain its logical basis.

re`i•fi•ca′tion  De manière générale, la réification consiste à transformer ou à transposer une abstraction en un objet concret, Réification - Définition et Explications. Reification suppresses the human intervention involved in the defining process as Reification makes no allowance for the cultural and ideological frameworks   Cette définition constitue, du même coup, l'occasion d'un élargissement de l' explication de la manière dont se produisent les processus de réification,  réification \ʁe.i.fi.ka.sjɔ̃\ féminin. Fait de transformer en chose, ce qui est une idée, un mouvement, un concept. La réification est l'appréhension d'un  A. − PHILOS. Transformation, transposition d'une abstraction en objet concret, en chose. Synon.

Define reification

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as in personalization. as in prosopopeia. as in embodiment. as i'm writing this, i'm thinking more and more that reification may be at least as difficult to define and with at least as many uses as thing or object.

reification. noun. Save Word. To save this word, you'll need to log in. Log In. re· ifi· ca· tion | \ ˌrā-ə-fə-ˈkā-shən. How to pronounce reification (audio) , ˌrē- \.

The term reification in C# generics refers to the process by  noun. formal.

Objectification is not reification. It is a matter of treating as a What is forbidden is to treat them merely as means. This puts a constraint on the 

What is supposed to be genuine origin is not. In chapter four, ?The lament over reification?, a basic concept of Adorno's theory of modern capitalist society,  Identity in practice. 149.

Define reification

The claims of certain atheist philosophers, such as Feuergach and Nietzsche, that all religion is make-believe. Believers are said   25 Oct 2018 When you take a concept and make it first class, you can begin to manipulate it with the normal programming constructs. What is "to reify" in  instructive and hope that it will lead to a renewal of interest in reification as a concept in philosophy and social criticism. Reification is hard to define, and its  19 Jun 2018 Define REIFICATION (noun) and get synonyms.
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Define reification

In: Peter Berglez, Ulrika Olausson & Mart Ots (Ed.), What is Sustainable  val x: Any = 5 def f[T](v: T) = v match { case _: Int => 'Int' case _: String => 'String' case _ => 'Unknown' } f(x) En annan möjlighet är att du vill reify variabelns typ. Definition och översättning av metaphors på Wikipedia.org The rhetorical devices of metaphor and personification express a form of reification, but short of a  The students must be able to define (or independently learn) basic concepts in problems in terms of (global) constraints; reification; redundancy of variables,  the subject of reification (or thingification as he preferes to call it) as applied to numbers and mathematics in general. Although he does explain this as making  depersonalization, depersonalisation, reification.

You can also ask your own In Marxist theory, reification is linked to people's alienation from work and their treatment as objects of manipulation rather than as human beings, and was popularized by György Lukács, but the term is given a variety of meanings by different schools of Marxist thought. What does reification mean? The consideration of an abstract thing as if it were concrete, or of an inanimate object as if it were living. (noun) Berger and Luckmann (Reference Berger and Luckmann 1966), whom Evers cites, defines reification as ‘the apprehension of the products of human activity as if they were something other than human products – such as facts of nature, results of cosmic laws, or manifestations of divine will’ (106).
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av K Leufvén · 2003 — (Wenger 1998a, s. 51-55). Dualismen mellan participation och reification är en grundläggande aspekt Websters definition av reify lyder: “to regard (something 

participation and reification. 150. Community membership. 152. Trajectories. 153.